Toyota Celica Headlights


Celica headlights come in several varieties depending on the year model of your car. You can get standard headlights, the Euro-designed Projector headlights or Halo headlights. Each has it’s own unique features, but the bottom line is what you need for your car. Keeping your car’s headlight in optimal condition will give you peace of mind when driving at night or during bad weather. Nothing is more important than your visibility when driving. If your headlights are damaged, not only is this a safety hazard, but it can incur traffic violation citations as well. Your headlights also need to be in perfect working order when it’s time to have your car inspected each year. We can help you find the best deal for replacing your headlights.

You never know when the weather will turn bad. Your car’s headlights need to be in top shape to help you see better during rain storms and inclement weather. This is one area of your car that you want to perform safety checks on a regular basis. Even having cloudy or dull headlight covers can reduce your visibility by preventing enough light to shine on the road or through rainy conditions. These need to be replaced any time they look worn, have visible cracks of have become hazed over from cleaning abrasives or salts on the road during snowy weather conditions.

Headlights can burn out after years of daily use or they can become damaged when a rock gets thrown from the vehicle in front of you. Other issues can be faulty headlights, a blown fuse or a short in a wire. The switch itself can also go out. If you’ve ruled out a blown fuse or switch, it’s probably time to replace the bulbs or even the complete headlight housing. Whatever problem you’re having, we can help you find the parts you need quickly.

Some Celica car owners have switched from standard headlights to new designs like the Euro Headlights which is basically a design housing that replaces the standard housing. With these you can also add Projector headlights. These produce a concentrated light beam that makes night driving in bad weather much easier by increasing your visibility. These usually meet OEM factory specifications which is extremely important for passing a car inspection if required in your area.

We specialize in finding you the best parts available through our network of suppliers. Our mission is to find you the best possible price on used car parts to offer you the most affordable solution for your replacement needs. Replacing your broken or worn headlights yourself will also save you money. Since we are a parts locator service we will do our best to find the exact headlights that your model car requires. Purchasing used auto parts will save you a ton of money over having to pay factory direct or parts store prices. Cut out the mark-ups and get the best price available by looking for your Celica headlights through our database locator system.